As with burial, when making cremation arrangements, families have unlimited choices. The most important thing is to create the type of farewell that is most meaningful to your family. Basham Funeral Care provides you with a variety of personalization options that will help you honor your loved one and find closure after their death.

Basham Funeral Care owns and operate our own private, onsite crematory so you can know that your loved one is safe and never leaves our care.

Owning our own crematory gives us the ability to personally make sure all of the proper cremation procedures are followed, al

lowing us to maintain the highest levels of standards.

As this area’s only Cremation With Confidence™ (View 10 step Process) provider, we can guarantee your loved one will be treated with dignity and respect. Our trademarked 10-step cremation process ensures from the moment your loved one arrives at our funeral home, through the cremation process, to the return of the cremated remains to you, your loved one never leaves our care.

Cremation with a Funeral Service
A funeral service followed by cremation is a service with the body present in a casket. The viewing and funeral service would be the same as if the casket were going to be buried in a cemetery. The funeral service may be held at almost any location your family chooses.

This option can save thousands of dollars in cemetery costs ($6000 -$10,000). Most of the time, a rental casket is chosen for the viewing. However, Basham Funeral Care can provide a “Cremation Casket” if the family desires to select a casket which is more individualized. When a rental casket is used, the wood casket shell is reused and the deceased is cremated in the cremation insert which also includes the bed and the interior.

Cremation with a Memorial Service
Cremation with a memorial service is a service without the body present. The urn containing the cremated remains may or may not be present. The urn serves as the casket for the cremated remains. The urn will be the focal point of the service.

Service Location Options
You may hold your service almost anywhere you would like, including:

  • Any of the four chapels at Basham Funeral Care, Basham-Hopson Funeral Care, or Basham-Lamont Funeral Care
  • Your family’s place of worship
  • Graveside
  • Local park
  • Any indoor or outdoor auditorium, fraternal lodge, or country club

Cremation with Graveside Service
Cremation with a graveside service is a service at the cemetery with the urn containing the cremated remains present. Basham Funeral Care will direct the service the same as if the service were in an indoor venue. Below are the items Basham Funeral care provides for the graveside service:

  • Proper presentation of the urn. The urn serves as the casket for the cremated remains. The urn will be the focal point of the service.
  • A sound system that will allow for the minister, priest or celebrant as well as any live or digital music to be heard by the family and guests
  • Background music before and after the service
  • Songs to be played during the service
  • Set up of the floral sprays and bouquets
  • Staff to attend to the signature book and passing out of the memorial folders or cards.

Cemeteries Served by Basham Funeral Care

  • Greenlawn Cemetery
  • Greenlawn Southwest Cemetery
  • Hillcrest Memorial Park
  • Union Cemetery
  • Arvin Cemetery
  • Wasco Cemetery
  • Westside (Taft) Cemetery District
  • Bakersfield National Cemetery
  • San Joaquin National Cemetery
  • Los Angeles National Cemetery
  • Riverside National
  • Shafter Cemetery

Basham Funeral Care can also assist your family with almost any cemetery in California.

Direct Cremation
Direct cremation is cremation with no services. It includes:

  • Transfer from place of death
  • Transportation to crematory
  • Necessary services provided by the Basham Funeral Care staff and equipment
  • Securing the death certificate and cremation permit
  • Refrigeration
  • Crematory fee
  • Cardboard alternative container that your loved one is placed in for transportation to the crematory

Disposition of Cremated Remains

Generally, families use one of four options and then personalize the service they chose. Again, personalizing the service has unlimited options. Some of the options we make available to you are:

  • After cremation, you may bring your loved one to your home, bury them in a cemetery, or arrange a scattering ceremony.
  • You can choose the type of container your loved one will be placed in. If you choose an urn, the urn will serve as the casket for the cremated remains.